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Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme

What is CMEGP

Government of Maharashtra has approved the introduction of a new credit linked subsidy programme called Chief Minister Employment Generation Programme (CMEGP) for generation of employment opportunities through establishment of Micro & Small Enterprises in rural as well as urban areas in the state.

Objective of the scheme

To establish 1,00,000 Micro and Small Enterprises in the next five years and achieve employment opportunities to 8-10 lakh youth in the State. The target for the first financial year 2019-20 is to establish 10,000 enterprises in the State.

Quantum and Nature of Financial Assistance, funding under CMEGP:

Project Cost


Approx. Benefits of the Scheme


Project Cost : Rs. 50,00,000/-

Project Location : Rural

Applicant : Women

For more details you can get in touch with:


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