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Transfer of Plots:

Transfer of MIDC plots to individuals or companies to set up industrial units, but you need prior approval from MIDC. Approval is granted under specific conditions, and there may be a transfer premium fee involved.


Change in shareholding pattern / Partners in MIDC records:

MIDC reviews shareholding changes in private limited companies or partnerships, whether among relatives or not. Depending on the situation, MIDC might approve the changes for free or apply a premium fee (STF/Differential premium).


Allotment of Plot under Priority category:

MIDC prioritizes plot allocation for expansion, foreign direct investment (FDI), large projects, and companies on Fortune Global-500 and Economics Times-200 lists.


Extension of Time limit for Obtaining Building Completion Certificate (BCC):

MIDC-allocated plots must follow MIDC policy, including building at least 40% of the structure and starting production within the set timeframe. If the Building Construction Certificate (BCC) isn't obtained in time, an extension can be requested from MIDC.

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Mortgage Consent:

MIDC allows mortgaging of plots and helps create a Tripartite agreement among the plot owner, MIDC, and the financial institution. This allows the plot owner to secure financial assistance from designated institutions.


Execution of Predetermine Lease:

Before requesting for Mortgage consent, it's vital to have a predetermined lease agreement with MIDC. This agreement is required when seeking financial assistance from a bank or financial institution for a project.


Execution of Final Lease:

After obtaining the Building Construction Certificate (BCC), it's crucial to sign the Final Lease agreement with MIDC to establish the plot's ownership.


Change in Company Name / Address:

MIDC approves changes in company name and address after a thorough review of the application. They carefully assess the requested modifications before granting approval.

Permission for Sub-letting / Sub-leasing of Plot:

MIDC allows sub-letting or sub-leasing of unused plot space, permitting the plot owner to rent it to a third party. Charges are applicable as determined by MIDC.

Permission for Amalgamation of Plots:

MIDC approves the amalgamation of two or more plots after assessing feasibility following its DC rules. This process can waive the marginal space between the plots.


Change in Activity:

MIDC allows changes in manufacturing activity on a plot after a thorough review and approval from the environment department.


Change in Land Use:

MIDC can permit changes in land use from industrial to commercial or vice versa after obtaining approval from the relevant departments.

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