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Madhya Pradesh: MoUs Worth ₹2,000cr Signed At Khurai Investors’ Summit

Industrialists from different parts of the country signed Rs 2,000 crore worth MoU with the government at Khurai Investors’ Summit on Thursday, official sources said.

The investment will create direct job opportunities for 5,000 people and indirect for 50,000.

Urban Development and Housing Minister Bhupendra Singh presented a picture of infrastructure in Khurai assembly constituency.

He took the guarantee on behalf of the government and on behalf of himself to provide security and infrastructure to the companies setting up their units in Khurai.

Singh further said it happened for the first time in MP that an investors’ summit was organised in a Tehsil and that the investors have signed MoUs worth Rs 2,000 crore for setting up industries.

According to collector Deepak Arya, there is a land bank of 5000 acres in Khurai for setting up industries.

Apart from that, there are some plots which are more than 20 hectares, he said.

One of the industrialists from Punjab Navjot Singh signed an MoU to set up a cloud and a data centre by investing Rs 1,200 crore.

Similarly, Vijay Jain has signed an MoU for investing Rs 100 crore, Nawab Raza for Rs 150 crore, Santosh Navani for Rs 26 crore on plastics industry, Chetan Patel for Rs 20 crore, Santosh Girdhari for Rs 25 crore, Vijay Sewani for Rs 20 crore, Feroz Khan for Rs 2.50 crore, Fairaz Khan for Rs 2 crore, Nilay Sharma for Rs 5 crore, Akash Somaiya and Vikas Somaiya for Rs 100 crore, Shashank Padele for Rs 5 crore, Aman Jain for Rs 1.50 crore, Saurav Jain for Rs 1.15 crore and Bharat Rathore for Rs 50 lakh.


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