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Amazon's Amit Agarwal on India Investments and 2023's Startup Founder

Amit Agarwal, a senior executive at Amazon India, shared insights during an interview, revealing that the e-commerce giant's recent investments in India are primarily directed towards technology and services aimed at increasing online shopper engagement.

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As Amazon commemorates a decade of operations in India, Senior Executive Amit Agarwal stated that the company's e-commerce business in the country has generated sufficient revenue to support its ongoing investments.

Thriving in India: "Our e-commerce business generates substantial revenue, enabling us to make the necessary investments in infrastructure and logistics," said Agarwal, the Senior Vice President of the company for India and emerging markets.

Shift in Investments: While Amazon's earlier investments in India predominantly focused on building logistics and seller infrastructure, recent investments are aimed at enhancing technology and services to encourage more online shoppers, he explained.

Profitability Path: Agarwal expressed confidence that Amazon is progressing toward profitability in India and emphasized that the company has established a specific timeline and milestones to reach this goal.

Competitive Landscape: Over the past decade, Amazon has competed with Flipkart, owned by Walmart, and is now facing new rivals such as Meesho, Tata Neu, and Reliance's Jio Mart. Agarwal remains undeterred by the competition and even welcomes it, noting that competition indicates the company is addressing customer needs.

Seller Outreach: Amazon recently announced that it is opening up its fulfillment infrastructure to sellers and direct-to-consumer brands, even if they do not currently sell on the platform. Agarwal explained, "We want to ensure that our capabilities are accessible to those who prefer to sell on Instagram or their own websites, regardless of where they intersect with customers."


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