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Want to get Government Projects for your Start-up?

Here is how you can get them.

Firstly, let us understand how you define Public procurement. It is the process by which governments and state-owned enterprises purchase goods and services from the private sector. Startup India provides you benefits under public procurement such as:

Brief Description of the benefits:

Government e Marketplace (GeM) is an online procurement platform for government ministries and departments, and the most widely used channel for public procurement in India. DPIIT recognised can register on GeM as sellers and sell their products and services directly to government entities. As of March 2019, the GeM platform has crossed the following figures:

Startup Runway:

Another initiative taken by the government is “Startup Runway”. It was launched in February 2019, a unique concept initiated by GeM to promote entrepreneurship through innovation. This program is an opportunity for agile and lean Startups to reach out to the universe of Government Buyers by offering products and services that are unique in concept, design, process and functionality through Startup Runway corner.

The main criteria to avail the benefits and be a part of the platforms like GeM and Startup Runway is to be a DIPP recognised Startup under Startup India Initiative by the Government of India.

We would like to conclude by saying that, the Government can be an ideal client for your business to grow along with your profits. Since government has to finish its project inside meaningful budget, they need innovative ideas and services; your startup could enjoy the opportunity if you are registered under DIPP.

- Team, SKDA


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